Enjoying music gives you a chance of leading a happy life!

Children are effortlesly acquainted with percussion instruments; they become  aware of different sounds, and simple rhythms and learn to reproduce them.
 Telling stories becomes more thrilling, funnier and more exciting when the  children make use of the different musical options to “shape” them.
 Songs from all parts of the world make children understand how diverse life  is.
 Music and movement in dancing help them to understand and reproduce the  rhythm and the character of different pieces of music.
 Pre-school age children are particularly susceptible to any kind of music  which susceptibility may be taken advantage of to open to them the world of  sounds and of the different musical instruments and to make them enjoy a  life  in which music plays an important role.
 Producing a cd helps one to steadily and accurately carry on with a project.
 The enchanting sound of Montessori bells enables the children to produce  different sounds, relate them to one another and put hem into a chromatic  order, they learn to remember tones and understand their ordering principle.
 Learning this helps to find children’s special talents quite apart from  providing every child with the ability to enjoy music and thus to enjoy life..


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