* 2016 * documentary film about sexuality & disability "Love & Sex & Rocknrollchair"

*2016 documentary film about freedom of barrier in Billerbeck-City  
"I spy with my little eye" 

* 2015 documentary film  "Ride Sharing - distances & encounters"
(to get a lift berlin- muenster)

* since 2013
dokumentary film-project about "Inklusion" 

* 2014 film project in celebration of the 10th anniversary year of the association "Kids mit Handicaps" (kids with handicaps) Billerbeck

*2012 documentary film "til the end"  - a documentary about one of the oncological nurces & the doctors ,who are working in the Helios Hospital in Berlin-Buch

* 2008 "Ending Story", a documentary film about    the time I suffered from cancer.    
* 2011 "folk music wise" (Volksweisen) - a documentary film about a group of musicians   with remarkable feelings for sounds, tales and varying moods...                                                         

*"Vietnam","India’s treasure Radjastan" - travelogues

*"Adventures with Scotti and Lexy", an animated cartoon with and by the  children of the Montessori kindergarden in Pankow

*"Education in our Kindergarden ", a report on our  
 Montessori kindergarden

*"Ingo Wetzker & Band", "Melancoolia music to texts by Paul Gerhardt",  "Berolina Linke Wade" etc. live cuts of different bands

*documentary films, image films and cuts of private festivities, e.g. weddings,
 initiation ceremonies, special birthdays.

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